list of lists with geographical regions of the world according to Plants of the World Online (POWO)


Vascular plants

Plants that have specialized tissues (xylem and phloem) for transporting water, nutrients, and food throughout the plant. Clade Tracheophyta.

identifier: vascular_plants


Non-vascular plants, including mosses (clade Bryophyta), liverworts (clade Marchantiophyta), and hornworts (clade Anthocerotophyta). They lack true roots, stems, or leaves.

identifier: bryophytes


A diverse group of photosynthetic organisms found in various water bodies, ranging from single-celled microalgae to large multicellular forms. Includes various taxa groups.

identifier: algae


Spore-producing organisms, including molds, yeasts, and mushrooms, that feed on organic matter and have cell walls made of chitin.
Kingdom Fungi.
It is preferable to use

identifier: fungi


plants that shed leaves seasonally

identifier: deciduous


plant with leaves for the whole season

identifier: evergreen


herbaceous plant with a grass-like morphology

identifier: graminoid


small-to-medium-sized perennial woody plant

identifier: shrub


adapted to arid conditions, often with thickened, fleshy, and engorged parts

identifier: succulent


an ornamental plant that is grown primarily indoors in the temperate climate zone; contrary to a garden plant

identifier: houseplant


a perennial plant with an elongated woody stem

identifier: tree


cultivated for edible fruits

identifier: fruit


edible plant or part of a plant, consumed by humans or other animals, involved in cooking

identifier: vegetable

Ornamental garden plant

primarily grown for decorative purposes; unlike house plants, they are grown outdoors in the temperate climate zone

identifier: ornamental_garden_plant

Weedy plant

considered undesirable in a particular situation, growing where it conflicts with human preferences, needs, or goals

identifier: weedy_plant

Invasive plant

invasive in any part of the world

identifier: invasive_plant

Aquatic plant

adapted to living in aquatic environments (saltwater or freshwater)

identifier: aquatic_plant

Flammable plants

plants that can pose an increased fire risk due to their high oil or resin content, or their ability to accumulate combustible materials

identifier: flammable_plants

Culinary herb

used in nutritionally insignificant quantities for flavoring or coloring

identifier: culinary_herb